We found ourselves driving back into Austria, via Innsbruck towards one of the only free places we could find in the mountains. Originally we’d set our sights on going to Sölden, but they only had a campsite there and we prefer Aires to campsites. Han found an Aire located in the next valley along which would provide us with ample opportunity for walking, mountain views and potentially the cable car ride we’d… Read More

Delving a little deeper into the Styrian region of Austria we spent a few nights in Liezen and used it as a base to explore the Gesause National park. Parking the van in one of the car parks within the national park we set out on foot following a path that promised to take us up to a waterfall. The first narrow section led us along an overgrown path into a woodland… Read More

We actually decided to return to Rogla, a) because it was free to stay with all the services we need and b) because we wanted to do more of the walking paths/cycling this side of the mountain. Luckily and thankfully, the weather the second time round was beautiful! We spent many days walking around the multitude of paths and made daily stops at some of the cafe's in the resort. When it's… Read More

Rogla is a place we'd visit twice in Slovenia. The first time it was a wild and windy place atop the mountain, where we spent a few free nights and had tobatten down the hatches when heavy thunderstorms rolled in. Unable to enjoy what it had to offer and with the weather being so poor, we decide to move onto Kope, a ski resort above Slovenj Gradec. As we usually find on… Read More

Following the recommendation of a tourist we met in Kranska Gora we decided to visit the Fusine lakes which were just a short hop over the Italian border. We planned to spend the day there but as we pulled up it was clear that not only were these two little twin lakes very pretty but there were about 10 other vans there and we realised we had stumbled upon a free place… Read More

Having stayed the night in Misurina and having a full 24 hours worth of parking, we decided to explore the area. From our stop, we observed that there was some sort of shuttle service up the mountain to a walk. Han did some investigating and discovered it was a walk around a WW1 battlefield site on top of a mountain. We’d eyed up some eager tourists taking 4×4’s up the side of… Read More

One of our many things to do during our trip was to walk some of the TDMB path (Tour du Mont Blanc), which winds it way around the white peak through France, Italy and Switzerland. During our stay in Plaine Joux, we’d been fortunate to sample some of the path during our walks in the area. We had a map of the entire route, including walks spurring off high into the many… Read More

Armed with our map and baked goods we planned to spend the morning hiking up to a viewpoint that overlooked the lakes and the mountains. We set off up a steep road leaving the village behind us, soon we left the road behind too as the path wound its way into the woods which offered some welcome shade.  The path was steep and we stopped along the way to catch our breath… Read More

Having spent the night at Saint Point Lac (lake) we woke to glorious sunshine and a stunning view over the lake.  After a little walk down to the lakeside and an al fresco breakfast we decided to take advantage of the clear day for a mountain hike hoping for some good views.  A quick check of the map and we decided on Le Mont d’Or, standing at 1,464 meters high, we could… Read More