Following the recommendation of a tourist we met in Kranska Gora we decided to visit the Fusine lakes which were just a short hop over the Italian border. We planned to spend the day there but as we pulled up it was clear that not only were these two little twin lakes very pretty but there were about 10 other vans there and we realised we had stumbled upon a free place… Read More

Having stayed the night in Misurina and having a full 24 hours worth of parking, we decided to explore the area. From our stop, we observed that there was some sort of shuttle service up the mountain to a walk. Han did some investigating and discovered it was a walk around a WW1 battlefield site on top of a mountain. We’d eyed up some eager tourists taking 4×4’s up the side of… Read More

From the Adamello park we travelled East to Belluno, here we had planned to stay at an Aire but we arrived to find it closed. The nearest alternative was a busy car park in the centre of town and so we continued moving on and stayed at a campsite on the shores of lake Cadore.  We spent 2 nights here and although we had a bit of rain we enjoyed a walk… Read More

Our plan for Italy was to head south to Rome visiting some of the sights along the way and then make our way back to the North. In reality however we were finding it difficult to find Aires that we were happy with and those we were comfortable with were stretching our slim budget. We decided that some of Italian sights would probably be best visited another time as tourists without a… Read More

The next leg of our journey saw us bid a temporary farewell to France and head across the border into northern Italy. Our affinity with Mont Blanc continued and it seemed fitting that we should leave France via the Mont Blanc tunnel, an impressive feat of engineering which would take us 11 kilometres through the mountain and deposit us in Italy.  Our first stop in Italy was Lake Orta, little sister to… Read More