Feeling revved up for some more excitement, we set our sights on another bike park. Unable to find too much about it other than the fact it had easy downhill routes, we headed off anyway in the hope that we’d be able to ride the tracks.   We arrived in the middle of the day at Fiss. Immediately, even though we were surrounded by vans, there were obvious no camping overnight signs,… Read More

We found ourselves driving back into Austria, via Innsbruck towards one of the only free places we could find in the mountains. Originally we’d set our sights on going to Sölden, but they only had a campsite there and we prefer Aires to campsites. Han found an Aire located in the next valley along which would provide us with ample opportunity for walking, mountain views and potentially the cable car ride we’d… Read More

Having spent an amazing few days at Geisskopf Bike Park, we decided to begin our journey south through Germany. We’d always intended to return to Austria as a month earlier it was too warm to hike. As it was now September, it appeared we would leave the +30°C temperatures behind. We knew we’d like Germany, however traveling through it was even more picturesque than we imagined. Although at this point we were… Read More

Heading east across Austria we spent a couple of nights in the capital. There’s a fantastic motorhome Stellplatz just outside the city centre where we paid €19 for parking with 24hr security, full facilities and even a designated dog area. Knowing Vienna was going be a very busy city and adding to that the fact that Europe was experiencing a heatwave we had kept an eye on the weather forecast and got… Read More

After a pleasant visit to Salzburg, we departed south in the hope that we could head towards Tyrol before moving on towards Vienna. Our chosen location was a stellplatz in a village called Altenmarkt im Pongau in Salzburgland. It transpires that this location was also a farm, fine by us. After having a conversation with the landlady in German, we paid for our night. As it was, we spent a total of… Read More

Famed for its Baroque architecture, the birthplace of Mozart and home of the Sound of Music, Salzburg promised a lot. We used the park and ride to get into the city, which was fantastic and made it really easy. Leaving the van safely in the large car park we bought day bus tickets allowing us travel on the whole city centre bus network all day for just €3 each. Chief was allowed… Read More

Our second day in Liezen saw us going in search of a mechanic! We had heard a worrying noise coming from the van the day before and having done so many challenging mountain passes we were concerned about the brakes. The van breaking down is right up there on our list of vanlife worries as it would mean not only would we be without transport but also homeless. With our first van… Read More

Delving a little deeper into the Styrian region of Austria we spent a few nights in Liezen and used it as a base to explore the Gesause National park. Parking the van in one of the car parks within the national park we set out on foot following a path that promised to take us up to a waterfall. The first narrow section led us along an overgrown path into a woodland… Read More

Leaving Slovenia north of Kranj we made our way to the Austrian border. Only a few weeks earlier we had cycled into Austria and Italy and commented how freely we were able to move between countries but since then due to the current economic migrant crisis the Austrian government had implemented border controls. There was a light military presence at the border and after checking our passports and taking a look in… Read More