The next leg of our journey saw us bid a temporary farewell to France and head across the border into northern Italy. Our affinity with Mont Blanc continued and it seemed fitting that we should leave France via the Mont Blanc tunnel, an impressive feat of engineering which would take us 11 kilometres through the mountain and deposit us in Italy.  Our first stop in Italy was Lake Orta, little sister to… Read More

One of our many things to do during our trip was to walk some of the TDMB path (Tour du Mont Blanc), which winds it way around the white peak through France, Italy and Switzerland. During our stay in Plaine Joux, we’d been fortunate to sample some of the path during our walks in the area. We had a map of the entire route, including walks spurring off high into the many… Read More

Our next destination was Plaine Joux, a tiny little ski village perched high on the hillside with the promise of a view overlooking Mont Blanc. This Aire wasn’t in our book and we would have missed this gem if it hadn’t been highly recommended by a couple we had met while staying a few miles away at Favarges. With stunning panoramic views of the mountains and Mont Blanc dominating the skyline this Aire… Read More

​​ Whilst staying at the sleepy little alpine village of La Feclaz we couldn’t resist the opportunity to climb one of the nearby mountains. We opted for Mont Columbier, standing at a height of 2043m, our chosen route would see us ascend half of that on foot.  We’ve had a few weeks of warm weather but we know all to well that weather on a mountain can be unpredictable so with backpacks… Read More

After a wonderful few days spent in Anthy sur Léman, we decided to make our way south via Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval. It was a mid French alps stop on our way back down towards Parc Naturel régional du massif des Barges. We found this spot up a road towards Cirque du Fer à Cheval. Stopping with a few other vans, we were surprised to see one family in a double decker bus. Seeing they… Read More

Our next destination saw us arrive in Annecy, the largest City in the Rhone Alps and known as ‘The Pearl of the Alps’. We were looking forward to what it had to offer. We arrived on a very warm Saturday afternoon, in hindsight this wasn’t very clever as it was jam packed busy but in all honesty we didn’t have a clue what day it was anyway! There is an Aire situated… Read More