Departing Donaueschingen, we headed towards Triberg in the Black Forest. We arrived late in the evening so most of the tourist town was closed for the day. It was still beautiful, with all the cuckoo clock shops lit up for the evening. The next morning, we took a valley top path from where we had parked up that curved round through an old track, trees above us on the mountainside and beautiful stunning views to the left.

The town did appear past its best, bit is still retained its Germanic charm. On view, it was very set up for the tourists and during our visit we saw coachloads of tourists visiting from all around the world to pick up their authentic (and not so authentic) cuckoo clocks.

The path headed from the forest into the town centre itself, along the main street. Lined with souvenir shops and adorned with cuckoo’s, it was both too expensive and a little cliché for us. The town contained an impressive waterfall walk, but we’d fortunately seen this on our walk into the town. It was certainly the honeypot of the town itself.

Chief as ever was lapping up the attention of the tourists, enjoying the fuss and subsequent rewards for his polite behaviour. I think he was happier running through the forest, exploring and taking all of the smells, sights and sounds in. His nose goes wild whenever we are somewhere new, exploring new environments. It must be a little bit of sensory overload for him at times as he can get quite tired after a day exploring.

The aire itself was really basic, essentially a grassy carpark set below and back from the road. Despite this, it was popular as a late night stop for vans and was busy, even at the time of year we’d chosen to stay.

The next day we departed and moved onto a sleepy little village further inside the Black Forest. Arriving late in Nordrach, we found the Aire full but thankfully somebody was departing as we arrived. He told us to hang fire 5 minutes, or at least that’s what we extrapolated from his Dutch come English. Safely parked on the Aire, we went for an explore as we usually do. The light was coming in, the rain was pouring (it had on and off for days), but that didn’t put us off. The town was very pretty, a mixture of old and new buildings contrasting each other within the forests backdrop. Near Baden Barden (famous for its spa’s), we found that Nordrach had one of its very own. I imagine at a fraction of the cost, but it did look exceptionally nice. Amongst the backdrop of this mix of old and new was a beautiful old church by the Aire. It served as a perfect wakeup call the following morning.


Owing to the really mean rain the next day, we decided to head indoors and enjoy some German hospitality. From our day before, we found a coffee shop/bar serving a selection of warm drinks and cakes. Treating ourselves to a proper coffee and hot chocolate, we decided to utilise the time and reflect over our entire journey. We felt anonymous in the coffee shop, we could have been German for all the rest of the customers knew and it felt great. It gave us chance to think about where we wanted to go next and what our plans were going to be. We had wanted to stay in the Black Forest for longer, but the weather and time of year was completely working against us. It was at this point that we decided to spend a few more days in Germany, but head back towards France.