And so we find ourselves back in Germany, heading towards Donaueschimgen. We picked this place because it looked nice and we wanted somewhere to bed down for the night. As is often the case, we ended up staying a few days.


The location was great, with access to cycle paths and walks all around the area. We decided to have an explore the next day.

We took Chief out for a ride in his trailer and set off on the cycle paths around the area. The Aire was located next to a stables and some sort of equine centre. They were clearly preparing for a huge show as the area was being transformed before our very eyes. Moving on we worked our way around the cycle paths eventually arriving in the small town of Donaueschimgen. Having had a good nose around, we headed back through the park and settled in for the night.

The next day, Chief, Han and I decided to go for a run in the park. Chiefs good with his lefts and rights, he guided us round the maze of paths, twists and turns, until we were exhausted. Chief on the other hand was full of beans.

Arriving back at the van, we were met by a lady with a bike and a box on the back. She was delivering bread. The loaf was massive, but we bought it anyway. We like it when things like this happened. Having tasted a wide variety of breads in France, this loaf absolutely challenged anything we’d tasted before.


That evening, we departed on for pastures new. On the way, having seen for days pumpkins adorning the side of the road we arrived at a honesty box and picked some up. That evening we enjoyed pumpkin soup with our fresh bread, a very satisfying end to a pleasant time in Donaueschimgen.