Feeling revved up for some more excitement, we set our sights on another bike park. Unable to find too much about it other than the fact it had easy downhill routes, we headed off anyway in the hope that we’d be able to ride the tracks.


We arrived in the middle of the day at Fiss. Immediately, even though we were surrounded by vans, there were obvious no camping overnight signs, which was a shame. What was a further disappoint was the fact that we couldn’t cycle the routes without full face helmets, knee pads, the lot! Gutted does not even describe it. Having had an amazing time at Geisskopf, we couldn’t understand these silly rules. Never mind.


A quick google revealed that there was a plethora of trail riding (which we could do)! Pleased with ourselves, we picked a moderate route and departed. As with most things in Austria, it turned out to be excellent. The trails were set up so the climbing was done on either quiet roads or tarmac cycle paths. Not to say the route was easy, but it makes an enormous difference in bad weather.


I don’t know if you know, but I like hills, there’s always an achievement when you climb a hill on a bike. It hurts like hell but feels awesome. Han and I often disagree on the merits of hills, but we plough on regardless.


The route started with a gentle climb through Fiss then a descent down towards Ladis on a very challenging muddy track. The village itself was beautiful, with a small lake at the centre and Castle Laudeck as a backdrop. From here, we climbed slightly through Entbruck then levelled our onto a forest track, where back in the woods we could admire the view of the valley far below.


We broke out again into a road which lead to a lovely climb that had hairpins up into the distance. This climb took us to the half way point and above our starting position. Having pretty much climbed most of the climbing in the first half, we were left to enjoy a lazy ride back (with a few occasional ridiculous kick ups). All in all, the path was really well designed, one of many in fact. We enjoyed being able to use our bikes, challenge ourselves and have time to take in the view.


We headed back at this point to the bike park where the van was waiting. Usually when we go shopping we normally buy an oven tea for wet days and arriving back at the bike park the heavens opened. Making our oven tea, we relaxed and waited about to see if anybody broke the no camping rule. Despite their being +30 vans at the start of the day, by the time we were fed and watered we were one of a handful left. Realising we couldn’t change it, we packed up and tootled off to our next destination, another ski lift.


On the way there, we questioned where we were going as we passed a place called Nassereith, fortunately we were still in Austria and hadn’t taken a wrong turn. It did however provide us with biblical (poor pun) views!


This time it was just for the night. We found in a remote village a ski lift where there were a couple of vans pulled up. We had a long sleep and woke up the next day ready to head on back into Germany!