Having spent an amazing few days at Geisskopf Bike Park, we decided to begin our journey south through Germany. We’d always intended to return to Austria as a month earlier it was too warm to hike.

As it was now September, it appeared we would leave the +30°C temperatures behind. We knew we’d like Germany, however traveling through it was even more picturesque than we imagined. Although at this point we were transiting through towards Austria, we decided on our return from Austria towards France we’d travel via Germany again.

We set your sights on our next destination, Bernau im Chiemsee. Chiemsee is an enormous lake that we hoped to spend a few days paddling, walking and exploring. We arrived late in the evening to find only one space left and not all of the facilities that were originally promised, especially the water which we needed.

We needn’t have worried, the Camper Contact app had advised us that the two people who looked after the Aire were really friendly and helpful. Upon their arrival and with my limited German, not only did they allow us to use the tap inside the locked building for water, they even found time to joke about the weather being rather English (it was raining heavily). So heavily in fact that I could have filled my container just leaving it out for a while.

Returning to the van, we anticipated that the rain would be short lived and the next day we could move on. We couldn’t have been more wrong. It was forecast to rain for days on end. That said, having done a whistle stops tour before Beth’s arrival we were tired from travelling and decided to stay put for a few days. Chief was equally as tired and we spent our days catching up on emails and blogs, playing scrabble and finding some new books to read. The Aire has all the facilities we needed and it provided us with an opportunity to rest. Travelling is tiring for all of us, especially Chief who needs his down days as much as the fun ones!

During our encampment, we too the opportunity to head into the German mountains across into Austria to Kitzbuhel to have a look round. It wasn’t far away and it was in the opposite direction we were planning on going in Austria. We enjoyed the drive more than Kitzbule itself as it was a struggle to see the mountains through the clouds.

At the end of the three days, the weather lifted and we saw it as an opportunity to move onto our mountain destination in Austria. We even managed to take in a walk at Chiemsee without being rained on and it allowed us to take in the size and scale of the lake, which was impressive. I could only imagine in the summer how pretty the place would be with the sun shining and the restaurants bustling.