Having dropped Beth off at the airport, we’d already decided that today we wanted to make our way back to Germany and eventually Austria.

Han had found through the park4night app a place to stay in Germany at a bike park. We didn’t expect much but set off on the Czech back roads regardless.

Such is the pace of our travels that Beth was safely home before we’d even arrived in Germany. Driving through lush forests and picturesque German villages, we were happy to be here in our next new country.

We didn’t have far to travel before we arrived in our new location, at the bike park of Geisskopf. Not expecting much we were astounded at the array of vehicles, busses and truck conversions people had. At most motorhome Aires we stand out like the poor relative, but in bike parks were surrounded by other van converters. They get us and we feel very much like we’re amongst friends. The weather was glorious for traveling but upon arrival the heavens opened and we were subjected to an awesome lightening storm.

The next day was Monday and the madness of Sunday campers had all but disappeared. It was still busy, but a lot less hectic. Which was good for us.

The park turned out to be one of the best places we’d stayed. The tracks were for our level of ability and didn’t require ridiculous levels of health and safety gear.

Unfortunately, our budget didn’t stretch to the lift, instead we opted to ride to the top on all occasions either via the uphill flow trail (usually for electric bikes which we don’t have) or the fire road, a slightly less arduous route. That said, despite the half hour climb the routes, length, difficulty and preparation were all spot on. Simply the best place we’ve ever ridden downhill.

Whilst we may not look the part with our hard tail bikes, we certainly threw ourselves at the routes, although unlike all my previous rides, not literally this time…

We even had the opportunity to take Chief on a bike ride, he loves pulling the mountain bikes through the forests! It was also a great place to take him running and walking, I think the forests are one of his favourite places to be!