Leaving Prague and heading south to Bohemia we based ourselves at a campsite along the shore of Lake Lipno, a great spot for kayaking and relaxing in the Czech sunshine. We were still one up on our usual trio and my sister was really getting into the swing of van life.

We were keen to visit the nearby town of Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and known by the travel guides as ‘little Prague’, or by us as Crusty Krumlov. We planned to get the bus into the town but as it turned out we had missed the early morning bus and there was only one more which was at 5pm, we decided to drive!

Situated on the River Vltava, a bridge led us into the town, the river itself proved popular with kayakers and rafters enjoying the water in the August sunshine.

Cesky Krumlov’s castle overlooks the towns narrow cobbled streets and historic buildings decorated with Renaissance and Baroque facades. It was very picturesque, there was really nothing crusty about it at all.

Returning to the campsite we spent the afternoon kayaking and enjoying the late summer sun. We had seen some wonderful sunsets in while we were in Czech, it seemed every night the sky was ablaze with red and our last night in the country was no exception as we were treated to a beautiful sunset over the lake.

The following day we returned to Prague airport to drop my sister off, it had been great to have company and we were really impressed with how the van had accommodated us all so effortlessly. It was a funny feeling knowing in a few hours she’d be back in the UK and we were back on the road continuing our trip, the three amigos once again and heading to another new country.