As one of the largest castles in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Spis Castle in the Kosice region of Slovakia definitely seemed worth a visit while we were so close. As ever, the August temperatures dictated we would have to get there early and so we headed off to spend an enjoyable morning exploring the impressive medieval fortress and admiring the views from its vantage point.

The castle is used as a film location and Chief couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a shoot of his own.

Next stop was the High Tatras mountains, we were keen to do some walking here and see what the Carpathian Mountains had to offer. We stayed at a campsite north of Poprad and spent a few nights here. Unfortunately the weather didn’t want to cooperate with our plans to climb mountains and the cloud and fog descended hiding the mountain tops completely.

We did a couple of low level walks instead, taking the train from near the campsite to the next town and walking back along the forest trails.

It seemed like the whole of Slovakia and half of Czech Republic was on holiday in the High Tatras, waiting with a small crowd for a train to take us to a tourist spot with lakes and mountain views we were surprised to see 2 small carriages arrive crammed full with what looked like 200 holiday makers. Needless to say we didn’t get on and instead got a different train going in the opposite direction.

The weather conditions, our desire for quiet places and the fact that for once we actually had a plan we were sticking to meant that we moved on after probably not seeing the best of the High Tatras. A little disappointing maybe but somewhere to return to another day.