Famed for its Baroque architecture, the birthplace of Mozart and home of the Sound of Music, Salzburg promised a lot. We used the park and ride to get into the city, which was fantastic and made it really easy. Leaving the van safely in the large car park we bought day bus tickets allowing us travel on the whole city centre bus network all day for just €3 each. Chief was allowed on the bus with his own ticket at €1.80, and parking was free making it a really cost effective way to get into the city.

Salzburg's 'old town' is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it really felt like a special place as we walked around admiring the sights, the Cathedral, the Residenplatz with it's fountain and horse and carriages lined up outside, and the HohenSalzburg castle on the hill, it was magical.

As ever Chief proved a hit with tourists!

The Salzburg festival was underway and although we didn't attend any events the city was full of music with musicians on the streets and the sounds of rehearsals drifting from the opera house windows.

The whole central area was pedestrianised which made walking around very relaxing. Our tour continued to the Mozartplatz and the famous Mirabell gardens where Julie Andrews and co sang 'Do Re Mi' in the Sound of Music. We refrained from singing the songs!

We sat in the rose garden for a while admiring the view and amusing ourselves watching the dozens and dozens of tourists. Tourist watching is highly entertaining, there was more posing and pouting than you could shake a selfie stick at. We had a go but I'm not sure our attempt was really taken seriously enough.

Eventually we caught the bus back to the van and drove to somewhere we could spend the night, we'd had a brilliant day and Salzburg had really delivered on its promises.

8 Comments on “Salzburg!

  1. So amazing guys! Looks like you’re having such a blast. I’m loving following on you blog, and the photos are all stunning. Keep it coming!! A x


    • Thanks Andrea! We’re having a great time but moreover I think we’re the happiest we’ve ever been. Life on the road suits us well! Maybe you could follow suit for a life on the seas? Han and I are going to the London Boat Show in Jan if you’re interested in joining us!


  2. It’s a lovely place and your photos are just like ours – minus the dog. Did you try the cheesecake?? We went to a concert in one of the churches given by a school from the USA, it was brilliant. Did you leave a padlock and key on one of the bridges?


    • We’ve seen padlocks all over Europe, I think we’d be skint if we put one at every bridge lol! We really liked it there, we didn’t try cheesecake but we did try the local chocolates 👍


  3. Salzburg must be full of music all year round. We landed during the first weekend in June when there is a free rock and blues festival on in the streets every year. Brilliant and beautiful place.


    • We really liked it there. It was very much a musical city like you said. The only thing we didn’t like was all the tourists in the gardens, posing for silly pictures, hence our imitation of them! That said we’d like to visit again in the winter

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  4. Chris and I stayed there in March and loved the place. The transport system is brilliant. We caught the train to Zell am Zee. We were amazed at how many people boarded with their bicycles. Obviously the best way to travel!


    • We’ve seen that people across Europe use cycles for fun and we’ve seen loads of families out enjoying themselves. It’s very much set up in Europe for leisure cyclists whereas in the uk we don’t have this. It’s more about road cycling in the UK which is a shame…


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