Just a short drive from Lake Bled and back in the Triglav National Park, the Julian Alps provide the backdrop for Lake Bohinj. Lake Bled may well be the jewel in Slovenia's crown but what Lake Bohinj lacks by way of a castle, and island, it more than makes up for in sheer understated beauty.

We actually visited the area twice, at the beginning of our tour of Slovenia and again at the end when we were joined for the weekend by Adams brother.

We stayed at the village of Bohinjska Bistrica making use of first the Aire situated at the railway station and then a campsite alongside the river Bohinjka.

Slovenia's rail network consists of both passenger trains and car trains and we were surprised to see drivers simply driving their vehicle onto the train, this obviously reduces journey times, fuel costs and emissions and traffic on the roads, clever!

Lake Bohinj itself provided plenty of entertainment for us and we spent our days kayaking, swimming and cycling.

Bohinj was our last destination in Slovenia before heading into Austria and it's fair to say we were sad to leave Slovenia. As somewhere we had very much looked forward to visiting it certainly did not disappoint. We spent a total of 5 weeks exploring the 20,000sq km country (about the size of Wales). Every region was just beautiful and offered seemingly endless opportunities for outdoor activities, heaven for us! Slovenes themselves where very friendly and helpful and almost everyone spoke excellent English, although our attempts at Slovene were appreciated they seemed just as happy to speak to us in English which certainly made life a lot easier as the language itself is somewhat of a challenge! The road systems were good, driving standards very high and on the whole incredibly courteous, a big plus when you're driving your home around and a stark contrast to when we had been in Italy. So although it was time to say zbogom (goodbye) to Slovenia I don't doubt we will be back at some point.