Downhill biking in Rogla…

After watching other people use the Ski lifts, we decided to pay for a days pass each so that we could use the bike park. The park had an offering of green (easy), blue (a bit more difficult) and black routes (suitable for teenagers who have no regard for their own safety).

The lifts have a hook that you can attach your bike to, allowing you to just ride the downhill sections without the hassle of riding back uphill. We made the mistake of going down one without a lift pass to check them out and it took us a good 45 minutes to get back to the top!

As we progressed through the routes, we found ourselves (nervously) attempting short bits of the black runs, successfully navigating some rather tricky obstacles. For bike park novices like us, it was a great introduction to down hill biking which was different to that we'd experienced in the UK.

3 Comments on “Downhill biking in Rogla…

  1. That looks like great fun. I’d love a go at that. Loving the pictures in your other later posts too. The blue sky and clear water. Jealous. 3rd week of rain…. miserable…. hardly been out on my bike at all. Have fun in Austria.


    • The mountain biking was certainly to our level, many of the other parks are a bit too advanced. We’ve been mountain biking and road cycling, especially in Austria! I think you’d enjoy the roads here 👍


    • If you want to try mountain biking in a safe environment we used to go to Grizedale park in the Lake District, excellent trails for all abilities!


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