We actually decided to return to Rogla, a) because it was free to stay with all the services we need and b) because we wanted to do more of the walking paths/cycling this side of the mountain.

Luckily and thankfully, the weather the second time round was beautiful!

We spent many days walking around the multitude of paths and made daily stops at some of the cafe's in the resort.

When it's €1 for a coffee I think our limited budget can extend to that luxury. Chief liked the shade of the cafe and attention of visitors. He especially enjoyed asking for the bill at the end…

Rogla, despite our earlier reservations, turned out to be one of our favourite places. We ended up staying 5 nights enjoying the walks and surroundings. We even ventured out into the woods at night on a night hike.

Being so high up and free of artificial light sources, we had a perfect view of the night sky.

Another must visit for us was the viewing tower. Again, free, this tower gave amazing panoramic views over Rogla and the surrounding areas. When we went up our view was unimpeded for miles.

During our walk earlier in the week, we'd passed Lovrenška Jezera, but hadn't called in to visit because we hadn't had the time. We decided whilst in Rogla, as it was so close, we'd go back to take a look. As an area of natural beauty, it was a little enclave of peat bogs and natural pools. We are told that species unique to this area are found here, such as crayfish.

We even decided to indulge in some downhill mountain biking… better save that for the next post though.

Suffice to say, Rogla was full of adventures and walking, somewhere we'll definitely visit again!