Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia, our camper contact app told us there was a restaurant just outside the city where we could park for free and stay the night so we headed for that. Arriving at the restaurant there was another van there but no sign designating motorhome parking so we went into the restaurant to ask. The waitress confirmed we could park stay for free.
This is where the apps we use are invaluable, there's no way we would have found this spot by chance, there was nothing to suggest vans were permitted to stay here. (Except the other van of course!)
Although it's not compulsory to use the restaurant, we stayed 2 nights and had our evening meal there both nights. Our thought is if the restaurant owner is kind enough to let us stay there for free we can show our gratitude by supporting their business, hopefully the more people who see it this way the longer these free parking places will be offered.

It was a perfect base for visiting Maribor, the town itself just a half an hour walk along the Drava river and we spent an enjoyable afternoon taking in the historic sights of the old town, with its cathedral and the plaque collumn.

From Maribor we moved on to Varpolje, one thing we have realised is Slovenia is a hikers paradise, every single village or town we have visited and everywhere in between is a network of paths and trails, all fantastically marked and signposted. You really are never more than a stones throw from an amazing walk. The Slovenian tourist website and 'Slovenia trails' app have also been brilliant tools to allow us to find trails in every location. And so once again we set out on a hike, this time to follow a trail called the 'pot po Golteh'; 'path around Golte', Golte is a ski resort on the Kamnik-Savinja Alps mountain range.

The trail made for interesting and varied walking through forests, pastures and beautiful wildflower meadows and offered incredible views over the Slovenian countryside.

I even found a treehouse to live in, and what an view from the window!

We may not have summited a mountain or broken any mileage records but this walk was still memorable for all the right reasons.