A birthday in Luce and exploring the Robanov Kot Valley

In the north of Slovenia we stayed at the village of Luce, again at an amazingly cheap campsite that gave us the luxury of spending a few days exploring the area. Camped in the shade of the trees with the river running alongside, it turned out to be one of our favourite places.

Our second day in Luce was Adams birthday, Chief delivered the mail and once the birthday cards were opened and pinned on the pin board I set about making the obligatory birthday Nutella pancakes for breakfast.

With full bellies we set out on a hike along the river and following a path which climbed through the forest to overlook the village.

The highlight of the day was treating ourselves to our first meal out! The indulgence continued back at the campsite with some traditional Slovenian cake!

The owner of the campsite, having checked our passports on arrival the previous day and obviously noticed Adams date of birth, even came over to say happy birthday and gave him a small bottle of schnapps!

That evening we were even treated to a beautiful display by fireflies as they danced around us with their little lights. It was a great day and a birthday to remember.

The following day we headed out exploring, hiking and cycling in the Robanov Kot valley.

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