After a thoroughly enjoyable few days foray into Italy we returned to continue our tour of Slovenia. Setting off early from the Fusine lakes we stopped on route at another breathtakingly beautiful lake for a quick breakfast and Chief's customary morning swim.

Crossing back into the northern tip of the Triglav national park we set our sights on the Soca valley. Our chosen route avoided the Trenta pass as it is deemed unsuitable for caravans and instead took us along the Predil Pass which we assumed would be an easier route. Maybe some more research at the time would have been prudent as a google search later on listed the Predil Pass on a dangerous roads website! . Fortunately the van was up to the job and with an impressive display of driving by Adam we made it down safely!
The drive was an experience in itself as we wound down and down the valley on tight hairpin bends descending for what seemed like forever into the deepest valley I have ever seen. It took us a full hour of descent, it felt like we were heading for the centre of the earth.

The valley is divided by the Soca river, whose magnificent crystal clear emerald green water flows from the Trenta valley to the Adriatic Sea.

One of the highlights of the river is its passage through the Great Soca Gorge and we based ourselves at a campsite within a stones throw of the gorge itself.

The campsite was great, fantastically cheap and gave us the opportunity to do some chores and make use of the facilities and unlimited hot showers, luxury!

During the hot sunny days the river is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing but as evening approached we were able to walk the length of the gorge without clambering over semi toasted bodies. At the top of the 750meter long gorge the river looked ferocious as it carved its way through the rock. In winter the gorge can be almost full but at our visit, almost the height of summer, we stood a good 30 meters above peering down the rock face into the water.

The river seemed to lose most of its ferocity as it meandered through the narrow channels until it pooled out into the wider river where we had seen people jumping in off the rocks and swimming earlier in the day.

The following day we continued our drive through the region, it really is a beautiful area and we made frequent stops, Chief enjoyed a rare occasion to ride shotgun and admire the scenery.