Following the recommendation of a tourist we met in Kranska Gora we decided to visit the Fusine lakes which were just a short hop over the Italian border. We planned to spend the day there but as we pulled up it was clear that not only were these two little twin lakes very pretty but there were about 10 other vans there and we realised we had stumbled upon a free place to stay! 

This is the best thing about having no plan for our trip and so from a chance conversation with a tourist who wanted a photo taken, we ended up spontaneously back in Italy spending a few days in beautiful surroundings. 
We strolled round the woodland path that joins the two lakes together and of course Chief went for a swim. 

We hiked and mountain biked on the woodland paths and trails. 
We bought local natural honey that we lavished on fresh bread and tasted amazing. 

We experienced real Italian hospitality when, returning from a hike we found an Italian motorhome had parked alongside us and before we knew it we were sampling local wine, pecorino cheese and cherries courtesy of our new neighbours! 
The hot weather brought with it some huge storms, one evening the van was pelted with hailstones the size of golf balls! The noise was horrendous and I feared for the solar panels and the skylights but thankfully everything survived in one piece. The next night we were treated to a lightening display like no other, the whole sky lit up with bright brilliant light as though someone was flicking a light switch on and off. Again the van was fine and we weathered the storms with no problems but it’s definitely times like that when you are acutely aware that we cut the holes in the roof ourselves and fitted and sealed the skylights and it’s a relief to know our handy work has so far lived up to what Mother Nature can throw at it!