Life’s a beach – Valle Vecchia

After our trip to Venice we decided we deserved a little holiday, we had earned it right? So off we went to the seaside. We drove to Valle Vecchia in Caorle, a beach within a nature reserve an hour or so from Venice. Arriving at dusk we parked the van in the Area de Sosta for motor homes and campervans and took Chief to check out the beach. Miles and miles of golden sand and the warm Mediterranean Sea were much more to his liking than walking round Venice confined to his lead, he was thrilled. 

The great thing about travelling in a van is you can visit the main honeypots but you also get to see everything in between and once again we realised we had stumbled upon a secret gem. Just a short drive outside Venice which had been a hub of tourists of all nationalities it was clear this beach was where the locals spent their leisure time. We were among the company of around 50 Italian campervans, the whole place had a very relaxed holiday atmosphere, families enjoying the beach and leaving belongings outside all day and night unconcerned about thieves. 

We spent the whole weekend at Valle Vecchia enjoying the beach. Getting up early while the beach was quiet and the temperature cool enough to enjoy a few miles of walking along the deserted shoreline.

By Monday morning we said goodbye to the beach and hit the road, destination Slovenia! It was the hottest day so far, we recorded a temperature of 41.6 Celsius outside the van! We stopped at a shopping mall, dogs are allowed inside so we spent a bit of time making the most of the air conditioning and free wifi for Chief to reply to some of his fan mail. 

(Chiefs first ride in a lift)

4 Comments on “Life’s a beach – Valle Vecchia

  1. I hope you are eating lots of Slovenian ice cream, it is the best in the world X


  2. Lake Bohinj is a gem of a place about 30 mins N/W of Lake Bled – also worth a visit


    • Thanks Jack. We’re a little behind on the blog so you’ll see our Slovenian posts shortly 🙂 we spent nearly an entire week between Bled and Bohinj, amazing place.


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