From the Adamello park we travelled East to Belluno, here we had planned to stay at an Aire but we arrived to find it closed. The nearest alternative was a busy car park in the centre of town and so we continued moving on and stayed at a campsite on the shores of lake Cadore. 
We spent 2 nights here and although we had a bit of rain we enjoyed a walk along the lakeside that climbed up into the woods to a viewpoint over the lake. 

The damp weather afforded us a day of relaxing and continuation of our current international scrabble tournament. An early start the following morning offered a misty view across the lake as the cloud hung low in the valley. 

We packed up our things and moved on, heading north to the Dolomite national park and lake Misurina. As we entered the area there were signs everywhere saying camping was forbidden and campervans were only to park in the designated parking Aire, which of course turned out to be quite expensive. It was disappointing, vans were prohibited in most of the day car parks too. Fortunately the area and the lake were stunning and we paid our dues and parked in the appropriate place and enjoyed a walk, and then later, a run around the lake. 

The Aire was overlooked by the very distinctive rocky peaks of the Dolomite mountains and in the adjoining fields longhorn cattle and donkeys grazed. The spectacular view and accompanying sounds of cow bells and braying donkeys made for a very pleasant evening and we soon forgot our initial thriftiness. 

To our surprise the temperature dropped to -1 overnight, after weeks of hot weather we were ill prepared, the hot water bottle long forgotten and buried under a multitude of summery things, we kept warm under extra blankets and woke early the next morning to a beautiful clear sky.