Our next destination was Plaine Joux, a tiny little ski village perched high on the hillside with the promise of a view overlooking Mont Blanc. This Aire wasn’t in our book and we would have missed this gem if it hadn’t been highly recommended by a couple we had met while staying a few miles away at Favarges. With stunning panoramic views of the mountains and Mont Blanc dominating the skyline this Aire was certainly the most picturesque location so far. 

Whilst building the van we had come up with the idea of being able to open up the back wall of the bed to allow us to sit on the bed and look out at the view. It had added to the already behind schedule build and at the time we worried we were just making more unnecessary work for ourselves. We had envisaged creating a room with a view and as we sat on our bed and looked out over Mont Blanc the extra weekend of work paled into insignificance. 

We spent 3 fantastic days at Plaine Joux, exploring the woodland trails, snoozing in the stifling afternoon heat and relaxing. 

One of our morning walks led us to Lac Vert, a small but perfectly formed lake nestled in the trees that was bursting with fish. 

Plaine Joux is clearly a haven for paragliding during the summer months and we watched many paragliders run off the edge of the hillside and float over the valley into the town below. It looked fantastic fun!  

As the sun set on our first evening there we took a blanket and a bottle of local wine (well it would be rude not to!) and sat on the hillside to watch the sun go down. As darkness fell, the snow on the aptly named Mont Blanc reflected what light was left and it lit up on the horizon. The lights of the town in the valley twinkled below us, as did the stars above our heads. If ever there was a moment to realise that all our hard work to pursue our dream was worth it and we had made it, this was it.