Whilst staying at the sleepy little alpine village of La Feclaz we couldn’t resist the opportunity to climb one of the nearby mountains. We opted for Mont Columbier, standing at a height of 2043m, our chosen route would see us ascend half of that on foot. 

We’ve had a few weeks of warm weather but we know all to well that weather on a mountain can be unpredictable so with backpacks full of layers of clothes, all the appropriate hiking gear, water and food we set off. 

The climb was hard, the weather was hot and we definitely didn’t need our extra layers! The notion that it would get cooler the higher we got wasn’t to be! We stopped frequently to drink and make shade shelters for Chief out of our emergency foil blanket. The conditions were making this very tough and we were in agreement that this was one have the hardest hikes any of us has ever done. After 3 hours climbing, we were nearing the summit, despite the heat there was still patches of snow on the ground, Chief enjoyed lying in these to cool off and we scooped up handfuls of snow for him to eat. We used his flat pack bowl to scoop up some snow to carry for him and laughed at the absurdity of carrying a slush puppy up the mountain for our dog. 

The path turned into a scramble and sweating buckets we reached the top to be rewarded with another spectacular view. We rested at the top under the shade of a rock and chief found a snow pillow to have a snooze on, it had been a tough climb for all of us.

After a while we began the descent, and made our way back to the van feeling that satisfying tiredness of a day well spent. 

We returned to the Aire at La Feclaz and Chief enjoyed a well earned Gentle Bone and promptly fell asleep.