After a wonderful few days spent in Anthy sur Léman, we decided to make our way south via Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval. It was a mid French alps stop on our way back down towards Parc Naturel régional du massif des Barges. We found this spot up a road towards Cirque du Fer à Cheval. Stopping with a few other vans, we were surprised to see one family in a double decker bus. Seeing they had a website address on the van we googled and found they lived there permanently, making crafts and goods, using their van as a studio. Pretty cool. 

Cirque du Fer à Cheval is huge circle of imposing cliffs, waterfalls and snowy peaks. We took the main tourist path, looping through the trees, along the nature trail. A helpful French tourist indicated to us which paths Chief was allowed on and which he wasn’t (some nature reserves don’t allow dogs). See some pictures from our visit below…

Back onto La Feclaz. We’d previously passed Parc Naturel régional du massif des Barges on our way from Lac du Bourget towards Annecy. It was full of walks suitable for us and we’d decided to do a bit of exploring. Assisted (again) by the useful French tourist offices, we had our walking map and made our way towards La Feclaz, a mountain village in the western reaches of the park.
The Aire could clearly accommodate many vans, but for the duration of our stay we were the only visitors. We arrived with a van brimmed full of fresh water, good job as the tap at this Aire was out of action. Like many of the ski resorts we’ve visited over the last few weeks, this one was still preparing for the summer season and as such, was bereft of tourists. 

Our first walk in the area was one that climbed out of the village, part of the reason we’d selected this Aire. Starting at Passage du Croc (1413 m), the walk meandered through the forest towards the pinnacle, Croix du Nivolet (1547).

It was enjoyable to undertake a walk that provides you with the views of a mountain top, but with very little of the climbing.

Arriving to Croix du Nivolet, we were surprised to see a giant cross. In our experience of this area so far we’ve found that crosses are usual at the top of peaks, usually basic wooden constructions. This was something entirely different. From this point a panoramic view down onto Bourget du Lac, Aix les Bains and Chambery.

Gliders and planes taking off from the airport below appeared to take pleasure in passing close to the monument, I guess it’s a bit of a party trick for for paying guests onboard.

As per usual, we find somewhere we enjoy and stay for a while. Whilst we were here we had a couple more adventures, Han will be sharing these in future posts…