Making our way north from Annecy, we decided to stop near Lac Léman. Our destination was the sleepy village of Anthy sur Léman. As we anticipated good weather for a few days, we dug our heals in here and relax.
The Aire was located just back from the shoreline, surrounded by a few trees and grass. There was enough room for 5 vans with ample space so thankfuly we had room to spread out 👍 this was our favourite Aire so far.

Our days consisted of taking Chief for walks, including multiple swims during the day. The weather is hot here and he loves a refreshing dip! Unlike most of our usual days so far, we took it easy here for a few days before we headed back into the mountains.

We had lots of fun cycling and kayaking, it’s a great place to unwind. We’re going to let the video do the talking now…