Our next destination saw us arrive in Annecy, the largest City in the Rhone Alps and known as ‘The Pearl of the Alps’. We were looking forward to what it had to offer. We arrived on a very warm Saturday afternoon, in hindsight this wasn’t very clever as it was jam packed busy but in all honesty we didn’t have a clue what day it was anyway! There is an Aire situated a short walk from lake Annecy that by all accounts is very popular and we were lucky that as we arrived a van left and we were able to get a space. This was definitely our least favourite Aire so far, basically a car park, we were sandwiched in between a row of motor homes, there would be no cooking and sitting outside here! Oh well, our neighbours were English so maybe we could strike up some conversation, or maybe not, as it just meant we were able to hear and understand every prophanity! We set off to walk along the lakeside to the town to have a look around, the view across the lake was beautiful and the route to the town led us to a park and along the river. The town was very beautiful and we visited again the following morning admiring the cobbled streets and the canals that divide city. 

It was admittedly a bit of a culture shock to be among crowds of people again after spending so long in the quiet villages and towns and although we enjoyed our visit to Annecy we were glad to tick it off the list and bid a fairly hasty retreat to the hills.