Having spent 10 very enjoyable days exploring the Franche-Comté region we decided to move on and head a bit further south. Rain had temporarily stopped play so it seemed like a good time to hit the road, destination Bourget-du-Lac, in the Rhone Alps. 

As we drove it rained and it rained and it rained some more. Naturally we spend quite a bit of time driving and this journey didn’t disappoint in providing some amusing memories! 
There are a quite a few roll roads in France and we’d got experienced with these by now. Feeling confident I wound my window down to get the ticket, now this toll seemed to be being manned by police but that’s ok they were just watching the traffic and the cars were passing through. However the police were obviously intrigued by us in our white van and decided came over to ask a few questions, namely where we had come from, where we were going and why? We weren’t expecting this, this wasn’t in our French phrase book! After a few minutes of confusion on both parts, Adam repeating that we had come from ‘here’ and waving the google maps sat nav at him and the police officer peering into the back of our van while Chief voiced his disapproval of the whole thing. I think he decided we were harmless idiots and sent us on our way none the wiser as to where we had come from and where we were going! We had a laugh about it and decided we’d be better prepared next time!
Our route was to take us through the Tunnel du Chat, a tunnel conveniently placed straight through the middle of the mountain leading us to Bourget Du Lac, no problem! Except the tunnel was closed. Instead we followed the diversion up, around and down the mountain, taking in some white knuckle hairpin bends and all while it continued to pour and the light diminished. By the time we arrived at dusk and the rain finally cleared we were all ready to stretch our legs and have a look at our new surroundings. The lake looked beautiful but it wasn’t until the next morning we could see it was overlooked by the Alps.

The following day we headed out on the road bikes to explore some more and locate the essentials; a Boulanger to restock on baguettes and croissants and a tourist information office to pick up hiking maps. The sunshine was interspersed with almighty downpours and we watched the river alongside the Aire become scarily fast flowing! There were signs for kayaking and white water slalom….maybe another time!