Armed with our map and baked goods we planned to spend the morning hiking up to a viewpoint that overlooked the lakes and the mountains.

We set off up a steep road leaving the village behind us, soon we left the road behind too as the path wound its way into the woods which offered some welcome shade. 

The path was steep and we stopped along the way to catch our breath and photograph the wildlife, caterpillars swinging from trees and odd red and black bugs!

As ever Chief made it all look easy springing about pouncing on sticks. It took a couple of hours but we found the viewpoint which was a little clearing between the trees and offered wonderful views over the village and lake and mountains beyond.

The route back to the village took us along the forest paths back to the road. We passed a mountain biker lifting his bike over a fallen tree ‘c’est magnifique le chein’ he commented smiling at Chief. I’m sure Chief bounced over that fallen tree with even more spring in his step.

It was a morning well spent and after making use of the hot showers at the Aire, a very rare luxury. We decided being freshly showered was as good a time as any to try to blend in with the masses and so we set off to visit our first city.