We decided to spend a few nights in and around Mouthe near the Swiss border. Mouthe has a plethora of paths, walks, mountain bike trails and places to visit. We chose a 10km route up through some farm land into the woods. It also includes the source of the Doubs river, which we hope to visit whilst we’re in the area.

The path wound out of the village, into some low lying farm land. The fields in this area are full of cattle with bells around their necks, the sound that emanates through the valley somehow just fits the setting perfectly.  Our path lead us past the farmland onto a forest trail.

Meandering through the valley up into the hills, we followed the riverside which was still swolen from the previous weekends rain. Despite its relative ferocity, it still had a bit of the alpine about it, surrounded by meadows full of mountain flowers fresh in bloom. Chief, unable to contain his excitement as per usual wanted to play games. We played one of his favourites, sprinting and looping round. He’s focused when he runs, but you can still see the excitement in his face when he’s running. Because the terrain can be a little unpredictable, we decided to test out his new mountain shoes on the rough ground.

The mountain path continued to wind up into the hills. Mouthe sits very close to the Swiss border and as we wound our way up we found ourselves questioning whether we’d cross the border on our walk.

Within the forests, as you’ll have seen from some of our earlier posts, there’s a multitude of different size waterfalls and gorges. We walked up beside one that was all but hidden from view by the alpine trees. These inaccessible and untouchable gorges are perfect for wildlife, most notability birdlife.

Eventually reaching the top, the path meets with another route loop. These paths are traditionally used in the winter by teleskiers and the paths usually cross at junctions that have a hut or restaurant. Unfortunately, these are closed this time of year but I can only imagine in the winter they are bustling.
As we began our descent, we followed a logging path back down into the heart of the forest. As we broke free of the tree line, we opened out into a pleasant meadow. 
Chief and Han took purchase on the bridge that crossed the river and we stay there for a while taking in the view, sounds and fresh air.

Chief, being as cool as ever decided he was going to swim come what may (the river was a tad fast). We needn’t have worried he found some shallows to cool down in. Like somebody floating about in the Dead Sea, Chief as cool as a cucumber just floated and paddles about with no effort. Sufficiently cool, he broke free, came to say hello and then in true chief style, shook and covered us in water. But that’s okay because it’s Chief.

We made way back through the village and to the Aire we’d parked at the night before. We had only been joined by one other van the previous night, but we had a peaceful nights sleep and the village had everything we needed. 
…Later on in the blog we will let you know a little bit more about Aires, how they work for us and how it enables us to travel freely…