Climbing Le Mont d’Or in anticipation of an alpine treat

Having spent the night at Saint Point Lac (lake) we woke to glorious sunshine and a stunning view over the lake. 

After a little walk down to the lakeside and an al fresco breakfast we decided to take advantage of the clear day for a mountain hike hoping for some good views. 

A quick check of the map and we decided on Le Mont d’Or, standing at 1,464 meters high, we could take a short but steep route to the top via a lake, it was warm so Chief could cool off in the lake and it wouldn’t take too long in the hot weather. Bags packed with plenty of water and sun cream and off we went hoping for a glimpse of the alps. 
Chief appreciated the dip in the lake halfway up taking opportunity of have a swim and cool off, we were almost tempted to join him! 

We had hoped the climb would reward us with a view of the alps and we certainly weren’t disappointed, the view was absolutely spectacular! 

Just 500m from the Swiss border we sat at the top for quite some time overlooking Switzerland to the immense snow covered mountain range that filled the horizon. A pair of raptors circled rather ominously overhead, maybe they hoped we were going to sit there long enough to become dinner. Chief was underwhelmed by the scenery and opted to have a snooze in the sunshine.
Eventually we headed back down following the line of the ski lifts, the walk had left us feeling excited to get to the alps and explore, however it was clear they were still heavily snow covered and it may be prudent to wait a few more weeks. 

3 Comments on “Climbing Le Mont d’Or in anticipation of an alpine treat

    • I think it would be wise, some of the lifts we want to use for MTB won’t be open until June so we’re heading for the south. It’s a hard life…

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  1. Guys it looks awesome! Just caught up in the last couple of posts, loving the commentary, keep it coming!!
    Enjoy x x x


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