After a morning hiking around Mouthe, Chief was still as happy as ever and full of beans. We decided to head down to Metabief to check out the bike trails. Metabief is clearly set up for the winter months and is full of ski shops and chalets. In the summer however it turns into a MTB’s paradise. The lifts accommodate bikes in the summer months too 👍

We picked one of the forest 10km routes and off we went. To say Chief gets excited is an understatement, his focus and drive when running with the bike is exceptional.

The trail we picked was #3, which wound through the forest up and down over small boulders. It was tricky at first to navigate, but Chief has good intuition and he listens to instructions so together we got through the toughest obstacles successfully. 

Eventually the path opens out into wide open fields with beautiful views of the valley. Whilst you’re riding your also keeping one eye on all of the beautiful scenery around you.

The day was a little warm and Chief had regular water and rest breaks. He’d run all day long if he could but we keep a close eye on him to make sure he has plenty of rests, keeps cools and drinks enough water.

Our route looped back around into the forest, down some tricky stone tracks. Chief handled these superbly with skill and finesse, unfortunately I can’t say the same for myself.