A day in Cascades du Hérisson and Orgelet

This valley is renound for its impressive waterfalls​​ including Le Grand Saut (ht. 60m) and L’Éventail (ht. 65m). 

We only came across this place after visiting a tourist information centre in Moirans-en-Montagne where we were informed of this impressive walk outside of the national park. So far, we’ve found these tourist information centres really useful to finding walking routes and places to visit. So off we headed… 

Driving towards the valley, we climbed for km after km, close to 800m in height. We finally desended into the forest where our leg of the walk started. We parked near to the top at Saut de la Forge, taking a path up to the uppermost waterfall on the walk, Saut Girard. The walk then winds you down from the top to the bottom (towards Maison du Cascades) alongside the impressive waterfalls, hugging the landscape closely down some of the steeper descents.

Chief enjoyed the many opportunities to go for a paddle when the river allowed and took quite an interest in the bird life of the forest.
Having throughly enjoyed our day, we headed to Orgelet to our Aire for the night. The sun was still shining brightly and we decided to take a stroll around the village.

Full of beautiful architecture and French charm, the village possesses all the quintisential things a French village needs. An artisan bakery, a medieval century church, a chateau and a cheese vending machine?!

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