It’s only right that we introduce ourselves. There is three of us, Hannah, Adam and Chief. We’re three adventurers who are going to Europe in our van…

We’ve travelled up and down the UK these last few years, camping, exploring and climbing plenty of mountains. We decided to purchase a van to make travelling much easier, essentially using it as a big boot and somewhere to sleep. In the early days, it allowed us to camp at races, sleep at the foot of mountains and pursue our love of cycling. We adore the UK, but we wanted to see what Europe had to offer too.


We decided pretty quickly that we wanted to travel around Europe in our own way. Part of that adventure has been customising our beloved van, Liberty. We thought to ourselves, why pay somebody else for something that doesn’t fit our lives when we could create our own bespoke vehicle?

Chief travels with us everywhere and as such, the van has been designed around his needs as well as ours. Some of the adaptations we have made will be of interest to those taking animals abroad. Chief even has a warm outside shower to wash his muddy paws off when he’s been out adventuring… a luxury!


Part of our adventure has been planning, designing and creating our own home. Its filled with many custom features that make all of our lives easier when travelling. Keep an eye out for a future walk around and guide to our van 🙂